Online GPMS Healthcare Solutions - Birth and Death Monitoring System

Information Therapy

This is a integrated platform from BBMP for all hospitals and healthcare organizations to use. It has designed on GPMS healthcare platform to maintain all birth & death information reported online by any these organizations and this can also be a single integrated system enabling citizens to upload, store and access even their Electronic Health Records online for their Information Therapy.

Citizen and Institutions Note

Registration of every birth / still birth and death is mandatory under the registration of birth and death act, 1969 and Karnataka registration of birth and deaths rules 1999.

Process Management

  Apply for birth / still birth or death certificate from public

  Information filled by the informant

  Approved by Registrar

  Certificate issue to citizens

(The issuing centre is the corresponding sub-health office (SHO) or a referral hospital of the area in Bangalore where the birth / dealth occured. For old certificates the issuing centre is the BMP statistical section)

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